Our goal


Haddocks Rivaler was founded year 2003 with the aim to gather nice people around a common interest and together secure a safe, happy and sound future. Our strategy is to invest in safe long term objects that will mature with the same dignity as the investors themselves. However, our investments might have reached perfection within the coming 10 to 15 years, that is not necessarily true for the investors.

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough."




In 2017, the group consists of 44 wise investors. Together, we have purchased 12 casks of whisky from 6 different distilleries. All in all, 1966.6 original liters of pure alcohol. This corresponds roughly 5127 bottles in the 70 cl size @ 43%. That is after the Angels got their share of 2% a year for 12 years.


Current holdings


Cask filled / Bottled


1 cask-26/11/2003  (Bottled 2016),  1 cask 26/09/2005,   1 cask-27/06/2007


1 cask-30/04/2002 (Bottled 2013),  1 cask-20/09/2004, 1 cask-15/10/2008


1 cask-18/05/2006, 1 cask 24/05/2006


1 cask-25/09/2006, 1 cask 19/10/2006

Bladnoch (Bankruptcy 2014)

1 cask-14/12/2006 (Now stored at Whisky Brooker)


1 cask (Butt 491L) 24/7/2012



The marvelous sophistication of Haddocks Rivals


Wondrous space of western isles,

bulging mountains for my eys.

Liquid water from high and sea,

golfers zipping sights from tee.

Dripping marshlands and melted snow.

Water filtered crystal clear,

adds to cask to remove all fear.

Tanned by malted barley and yeast,

guarantees a fantastic feast.

A classy drink to reach perfection,

self-esteem and connection

with higher values vindicated.

Drink with class and be soph...fishticated!


Torbjörn Olsson 10/5 2005